Tory cost of living crisis strikes in Hexham West.

This weekend members of the Hexham Branch of the CLP, supported by other Labour Party members, were out talking to residents in Hexham West. This is the most recent canvassing by the Hexham CLP, which has seen us talk to voters across the constituency, from Hexham to Prudhoe to Ponteland and points between and beyond.

There’s huge unhappiness with Guy Opperman’s support for his out of touch Conservative government. 13 disastrous years of Tory policies have starved our vital public services of resources, damaged the environment and led to a cost of living crisis characterised by rocketing inflation and interest rates.

Voters are fed up. They’re hungry for change and want an election. The cost of living crisis is top of their concerns, along with worries about the future of their beautiful Hexham and opportunities for the young. Labour’s message was welcomed by many, including first time Labour voters, and our member Julie summed the days up:

Another great weekend on the doorsteps, with a growing team of enthusiastic members, determined to succeed in getting a Labour MP elected in Hexham“.

The selection progress for our parliamentary candidate is in full swing. Soon we’ll be able to introduce them to the voters. The polls look good. Labour are the only choice in the Constituency and the voters are hearing and liking our messages.


Poll predicting a Labour GAIN in Hexham

Polls predict a Labour GAIN in Hexham. Labour are the only choice to defeat the Conservatives.

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