Labour Coast and Country – and the Tories’ ‘rule of six’

19 September, 2020ARCHIVE, Featured, News

At an online ‘Labour Coast and Country‘ online conference (5 September 2020), Labour List correspondent, Sienna Rodgers reported that Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Luke Pollard had said that: “There is no path to power that doesn’t see us winning seats in rural, semi-rural and coastal communities” But, following the government’s … Read More

New deal? Or the same old deal with different spin?

15 July, 2020ARCHIVE, Featured, Home page featured

A fortnight ago, Boris Johnson compared  himself to US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.   FDR’s New Deal turned round the economic collapse of the Great Depression.   He created the first ever US state pensions and unemployment insurance.   He promoted collective bargaining, improving wages and working conditions.   The Public Works Administration built dams, … Read More

Bywell Labour Party Branch – the Falcon Centre

26 May, 2020ARCHIVE, Branches, Bywell, Featured

The Falcon Centre in Wylam, owned by Northumberland County Council is a repurposed school house, built circa 1930, that is currently used as a library and a museum.  It also runs playgroups and Yoga classes, but it is significantly underused. Over the past two years a number of interested parties have been coming together to … Read More

We need a New Deal for Local Government Workers

23 May, 2020ARCHIVE, Trade Unions

The last few months have been tragic and unsettling with many families’ worlds turned upside down. Millions of workers have had to negotiate with their employers through the pandemic – matters of life and death like safe working practices and PPE as well as issues like redundancy, furlough, homeworking and childcare. These are challenging conversations … Read More

TUC – JOIN A UNION HERE – find the union that’s for you

19 May, 2020ARCHIVE, Featured, News

The latest figures on employment and pay, published today by the ONS, which include new experimental data on the number of paid employees shows a sharp decrease of 450,000 between March and April 2020, and a sharp fall in pay. Commenting on the report, TUC General Secretary, Frances O’Grady says: “These figures are alarming – … Read More

COVID-19: What went wrong? Tories health reforms have caused chaos

5 May, 2020ARCHIVE, Featured, News

The Thatcherite mantra that ‘there is no money’ is finished   The Lansley Re-organisation resulted in a fragmented public Health Medicine framework. Major disconnects between various units with no over-arching machinery to swing into action. A huge emphasis on “reducing waste” equating spare bed capacity and stock piling with waste, and paring to the bone … Read More