An appeal to Labour Members and Supporters

Hexham Labour is actively campaigning to win the Hexham constituency seat from the current Conservative MP, Guy Opperman. Why is this important? As Labour members and supporters this should be obvious as we see a Conservative Government in chaos and threatening all we hold dear: our family’s financial security, our health & care services, our schools, our housing, our living standards, our rivers and beaches and our international reputation. So many are having to choose between eating, heating and paying their rent or mortgage. It particularly saddens me that 40% of children in the North East are living below the poverty line with increasing numbers of pupils arriving at school hungry and with empty lunch boxes. We can’t allow this to continue.

Keir celebrates local elections victories

Labour is winning

Thankfully, Labour is fighting back and holding the Conservative Government to account for their massive failures. Nationally, Labour is winning over voters, winning by-elections and doing exceptionally well in the opinion polls. Locally we have been out campaigning every week for the last 6 months, with leaflet drops, advert placements in the local press, social media campaigns and talking to voters about their problems. Feedback from voters is very positive and it is encouraging to see increasing numbers of members getting involved in campaigning and our programme of local events.

How can you help?

Funding is important to support our many campaigning activities. For those able to contribute to Hexham Labour’s campaigns, we have three schemes that allow you to donate directly to our campaigns in the Hexham Constituency:

  1. 222 Club. In the 1997 General Election, Labour failed to win the Hexham Constituency by just 222 votes. Members of the 222 Club pledge to donate a sum of £222, either as a one-off payment or by 12 monthly standing order payments of £18.50. Just follow this link to learn more.
  2. Regular monthly payments. Join our supporters who make small monthly donation of between £5 and £25 by Standing Order. Just follow this link to learn more.
  3. Direct online donation. You can make one-off donations to Hexham Labour online or by bank transfer using the following bank details: Hexham CLP, Unity Trust Bank, sort code 608301, account number 20447834.

Thank you for your support.

Colin Harwood

Treasurer, Hexham CLP