Why join the Labour Party?

Hello I’m Nicola – a 42 year old, married, mother of two children, living in Corbridge. Self employed and with a degree in the social sciences. I joined the Labour Party a year ago and would like to share my thoughts on why it’s important to become a member, what you can get out of membership and what you can contribute.


I’ve always voted Labour. However I became motivated to get more involved with the Labour Party during the general election campaign back in June 2017. Laura Pidcock, a young grassroots MP, honest, passionate and who speaks like me and of a world I recognise – further inspired and motivated me. After the election and the Brexit referendum I felt furious and scared by the outcome. What more cuts could this government make? How much more was the North East going to suffer under its horrendous policies? I felt powerless in a changing world. So I joined the Labour Party – for me a party for people with ambition for society, not just for themselves. A party that understands that if society succeeds, we all succeed. This is how I felt I could make a difference.

Joining up

Since joining I have met some great, like-minded people: motivated, intelligent and committed to working towards a fairer society. And not afraid to talk politics. Through political discussion and training my personal knowledge has increased, for instance learning how the party operates which was helped by attending the regional conference in Newcastle. My teenage daughter and I had the privilege to be invited to Parliament and met Laura Pidcock and Hexham residents who now work at Parliament. This was a great experience and opened our eyes to the workings at the centre of power. Becoming a member of the Labour Party has increased my knowledge of both local and national politics. Membership has given me more confidence to discuss issues and ideas with others and consequently understand other people’s perspectives. My ideas have been listened to by the local party and acted upon. I now have a voice in the direction Hexham Labour Party is going.


Hexham Labour Party activists are a diverse group. We are of different ages, gender, sexual orientation, from different social circles and occupations and with a variety of life experiences. Consequently we have a varied range of skills, knowledge, opinions and contacts. In terms of putting something back in, I feel I give back my experiences from my professional life and in discussions represent people like myself, who are in similar circumstances. With a family and a business to run, its hard to find the time that some of the other members do. I offer support where and when I can and that is appreciated. I also have the satisfaction that my membership fees go towards those who are able to dedicate their time to fighting for a society ‘For the many, not for the few’.

Nicola Alexander-Dent
July 2018