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You can join the Labour Party on its national website

As a member you will automatically become a branch member according to where you live and are welcome to attend local meetings. Find out more about your local branch in the Hexham constituency.

You might like to make a donation to help the Labour Party win the next election. Your money can help buy leaflets that will be delivered to each household in the constituency or distributed in shopping centres and on high streets. Leaflets and publicity material like television and newspaper adverts explain why Britain needs a Labour government. Unlike the Conservatives, Labour doesn’t receive large amounts of money from big business to fund its campaigns. In the main it relies on donations from people like you. Every donation, however large or small, is much appreciated.

You can make an online donation directly to Hexham CLP here

Or you can make a donation to the Hexham CLP by making a one-off bank transfer to Hexham CLP using these bank details: Unity Trust Bank, sort code 608301, account number 20447834

Or set up a monthly standing order payment to Hexham CLP, using the same bank details as above.


Even if joining political parties is not for you, you can still make a difference to people’s lives by volunteering. You can help us to win elections by joining one of our campaign teams and help out with leafleting, running stalls, putting up posters and talking to the public. You might want to contact the media, campaign on social media or go door to door canvassing. There’s lots to do and as a volunteer you choose what kind of activity suits you best and what you think is best to help Labour win.

You might like to get involved in specific campaigns such as health, transport, housing, education or food poverty - to name just a few. Helping to spread the message that we can, through community action create a more caring and equal society where no one gets left behind.

To take health as an example, Labour has been campaigning to keep overnight provision at Hexham hospital and against the closure of GP surgeries that leave patients without local and accessible healthcare. Volunteering on this type of campaign will involve a range of different tasks and activities – working with others to improve or maintain services in our communities. But local campaigns need to be supported by a government that adequately funds the NHS and views it as a social asset serving the many and not a source of profit for the few. Only a Labour government will do this.

If you would like to volunteer to help win elections or to improve day to day services in your community contact our campaign coordinator Penny Grennan at

Come to a meeting

Meetings range from informal chats in cafes and pubs to monthly Constituency Labour Party General Meetings, as well as campaign and branch meetings. Our aim is to make meetings interesting and informative, with open discussions on current political topics.

View the events calendar to find out more.