Joe Morris promises Labour support for farming and agriculture

11 February, 2024Allen Valleys, Branches, Bywell, Callerton & Throckley, Campaigns, Corbridge, Elections, General Election, Haltwhistle, Hexham, Hexham Climate Emergency, Home page featured, News, Parliamentary Candidate, Ponteland & Heddon on the Wall, Prudhoe & District, Work, Economy & Environment

Across the North East the news of the closure of the Port Talbot steelworks in Wales was met with sadness and remembrance for the past damage done by the Conservatives to industry in our region. This compelling evidence of the Conservative’s failure to enact a meaningful industrial strategy, or support industries critical to our national … Read More

Campaigning across the Constituency

4 February, 2024Allen Valleys, Branches, Callerton & Throckley, Corbridge, General Election, Home page featured, News, Ponteland & Heddon on the Wall

It’s been a busy week knocking doors and speaking to voters in Ponteland, where the Town Council By-Election is being held on the 8th February. There’s been amazing support on the doorstep for the Labour Candidate Michael Clarke, who is looking to bring a Labour voice on to the Town Council. The Conservatives are clearly … Read More

Campaigning in Ponteland for Mike Clarke and Joe Morris

28 January, 2024Branches, Campaigns, Home page featured, News, Ponteland & Heddon on the Wall

Campaigning for the Ponteland East Town Council By-Election is in full swing. We’ve been out talking to voters and leafletting in the town, listening to residents concerned and unhappy about 14 years of Conservative mismanagement and incompetence. The Labour Candidate, Michael Clarke, has lived in Ponteland for more than thirty years and knows how desperate … Read More

Guy Opperman Neglects Dentistry Rescue Plan as 70% of Hexham Dentists Reject New Patients

18 January, 2024Branches, Campaigns, Elections, General Election, Health, Home page featured, News, Uncategorized, Women, Youth

In a recent House of Commons vote on a crucial motion to rescue NHS dentistry, Guy Opperman’s lack of support is callous and disheartening. Communities across the Constituency and struggling to access dental care. The proposed motion by the Labour Party aimed at addressing the dental crisis includes: Creating 700,000 additional urgent dentistry appointments Offering … Read More

Labour unveils bold plan to counter 36% decline in local buses under the Conservatives.

11 December, 2023Branches, Campaigns, General Election, Hexham Climate Emergency, Home page featured, News, Parliamentary Candidate, Transport, Work, Economy & Environment

Our Parliamentary Candidate Joe Morris has revealed shocking figures that show 35.9% of bus services in Northumberland have been axed under the Conservatives. Despite the Conservatives promising “bus services so frequent you wouldn’t need a timetable” in 2022, the total number of miles driven by buses in Northumberland plummeted by from 13.8 million kilometres driven … Read More

Building Bridges: Joe Morris campaigning in Haydon Bridge & Hexham

26 November, 2023Branches, Campaigns, Elections, General Election, Hexham, Home page featured, News, Parliamentary Candidate

They say that a week is a long time in politics. The national news this week was full of the Conservative’s Autumn Budget statement. This was a predictably cliched, shallow pre-election affair, heralding so-called tax cuts, while freezing personal allowances and promising to usher in a new era of bitter austerity. Cold charity indeed for … Read More

People deserve better: Northumberland needs homes argues Joe Morris

22 November, 2023Branches, Campaigns, General Election, Home page featured, News, Parliamentary Candidate, Work, Economy & Environment

As winter bites, bringing with it rain, wind, storms and inevitably snow and ice millions of individuals are homeless, living in houses with insecure tenancies and struggling with poor quality accommodation. Stuck in rented accommodation families worry that if they complain they may be evicted – like 130 families in Northumberland this year. For many … Read More

A weekend of action for a better Britain in Throckley

13 November, 2023Callerton & Throckley, Campaigns, Elections, Featured, General Election, Home page featured, News, Parliamentary Candidate

Recent boundary changes have brought Callerton and Throckley, parts of the western edge of the Newcastle conurbation, into the Hexham Constituency for the first time at the next General Election. Residents and voters in these area have been moved from the safe Labour constituency of Newcastle North, served by the excellent Catherine McKinnell MP, to … Read More

The CLP marks Remembrance Sunday

12 November, 2023Branches, Home page featured, News

This weekend our communities came together, united in a desire to remember those who gave their lives so we could live ours in freedom. Across the Hexham Constituency, in Hexham, Prudhoe, Throckley, Ponteland, Haltwhistle, Bellingham, Haydon Bridge, Allendale, Corbridge and beyond we gathered in solemn remembrance of those sacrifices. Joe Morris laid a wreath on … Read More