Labour pledges to represent and revitalise rural communities

Joe Morris, Labour’s candidate for the Hexham constituency, comprising Tynedale, Kielder, West Newcastle and Ponteland, has pledged to ‘never take rural communities for granted’ should he become the first ever Labour MP for the constituency. Earlier this week, volunteers from the local Labour Party were campaigning in Bellingham, Byrness, Rochester, and Otterburn, speaking with residents about the challenges they face, from the soaring cost of living to difficulties accessing services.

“The decline in services and support for our rural communities is a direct result of the short-sightedness of the Conservative government,” said Joe Morris. “But Labour is committed to improving the services and opportunities available in rural communities”. The Labour Party has outlined a comprehensive plan aimed at addressing the challenges faced by those living and working in rural areas. Key initiatives include negotiating a veterinary agreement to reduce costs and bureaucratic hurdles for farmers at borders, supporting domestic food production through reforms in public procurement to prioritise locally and sustainably produced food, and advocating for policies that reduce energy bills for businesses and consumers while improving public transport connectivity.

Joe Morris emphasised their dedication to protecting communities from the burden of the cost of living crisis. “If elected as your local MP, I will tirelessly advocate for measures that alleviate the pressures facing rural areas, including reducing energy bills for businesses and consumers and enhancing public transport connectivity“.

Labour’s proactive approach to addressing the needs of rural communities underscores the party’s commitment to inclusivity, economic prosperity, and social justice across the UK.

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