MASCHOMWatch, Israel

10 May, 2021ARCHIVE, Featured, Home page featured, International, News

HEXHAM LABOUR FRIENDS OF PALESTINE IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NEWCASTLE LABOUR FRIENDS OF PALESTINE, AND NEWCASTLE PALESTINE SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN INVITE YOU TO AN EVENT featuring a short film ‘The Present’: an interview with the Director of the award-winning film. and a talk by  MachsomWatch, ISRAEL with our guest speaker: Ronny Perlman. INTRODUCED BY ANN SCHOFIELD, NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCILLOR … Read More

Jamie Driscoll, North of Tyne Mayor’s regular updates

10 May, 2021Featured, Home page featured, Mayor, News

Most political leaders get to choose their cabinets – local authority leaders, Scottish or Welsh first minister, the Prime Minister. Combined Authority Mayors are the exception. Our cabinets comprise the leaders and deputies from each constituent council. I’m looking forward to welcoming the new North of Tyne Cabinet Members, regardless of party. Despite the narrative … Read More

We Are Not Numbers

30 March, 2021Featured, Home page featured, International

Our latest video from our March 2021 event WE ARE NOT NUMBERS with Salma Mustafa (Haifa) and Rawan Jawad (Gaza) discussing the COVID-19 response by Israel and the Israeli and Palestinian elections in March and May, as well as life for young people in both areas.