Boundary Changes

Recent boundary changes have brought Callerton and Throckley, parts of the western edge of the Newcastle conurbation, into the Hexham Constituency for the first time at the next General Election. Residents and voters in these area have been moved from the safe Labour constituency of Newcastle North, served by the excellent Catherine McKinnell MP, to being confronted with the prospect of having Guy Opperman as their Tory MP.

Joe Morris Campaigning in Throckley

A weekend of action

The Callerton and Throckley Branch of the Labour Party was recently welcomed into our CLP. We have been working closely together for some time, including in the recent council elections where Adam Walker gained the City Council seat for Labour.

Over the last few days Labour Party members in Callerton and Throckley were joined by members from across the CLP for a weekend of action. Our Parliamentary Candidate Joe Morris led us on a campaign of canvassing, door knocking and leafletting that saw us speak to hundreds of voters and deliver 1500 leaflets to households and residents. Many residents and voters were unaware of the boundary changes and were shocked to learn that they might soon have a Tory MP. Labour’s 5 missions went down well on the doorstep with voters receptive to policies that would see safer streets, opportunities for all, clean energy, an NHS fit for the future and economic growth. The cost of living crisis is hurting communities in Newcastle and they are desperate for a change of government after 13 disastrous years of Tory government and Rishi Sunak’s weak leadership.

Joe’s words

Joe Morris found time to speak to us about the Weekend of Action, in between campaigning and fulfilling his duties as the CLP’s representative at Remembrance Events.

 Speaking to residents in Callerton and Throckley over Remembrance Weekend it’s clear they do not want a Conservative MP representing their area.

Across the entire constituency, there has been huge enthusiasm for Labour – since I’ve been selected I’ve met Labour voters who have a renewed sense of optimism, Liberals who are desperate to see the back of the Tories locally and Tory voters who will vote Labour to end the cycle of complacency and decline.

It’s time for a Labour MP in Hexham Constituency and for a Labour Government in Westminster.

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Right across Hexham Constituency Labour Party members are working to Build a Better Britain and get Guy Opperman out after 13 disastrous years of Conservative government.

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