Don’t miss out on your vote!

The Conservative Government have introduced new rules about needing photo ID to vote on election day at a polling station. This may make it more difficult for some people to actually vote. So don’t miss out on your vote.

All the information about this is on this link: Northumberland County Council – Voting and Elections

Make sure you have one of the approved forms of photo ID if you are planning to vote at a polling station on the day of the election:

Accepted forms of ID: Accepted forms of photo ID | Electoral Commission

This video from Hexham TV has useful information on not losing your vote!

(credit: Photo by Red Dot on Unsplash)

(credit: Photo by Red Dot on Unsplash)

An alternative is to register for a postal vote. No photo ID is needed for this option and it means you get your ballot paper by post a couple of weeks before the election, and you return it in the post and it is counted in the usual way. Getting a postal vote is easy to do just print off the form at this link and return it to:

Electoral Registration Office

County Hall


NE61 2EF