Joe Morris is our Parliamentary Candidate

Yesterday the CLP met in Hexham for the hustings and selection process for the Labour Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Hexham Constituency.

After listening to the speeches and questions and answers from the two candidates (the third had withdrawn earlier in the day) members voted. The ballots cast in person and the postal votes were counted and we are pleased to announce that Joe Morris has been selected as our Parliamentary Candidate.

Joe is a local candidate, who grew up in Hexham, lives in the town and has members of his family living locally. He has a wealth of experience with the national Labour Party, businesses and trade unions. He has pledged to fight for “fight for high skilled, high paying green jobs and campaign for the improvement of our local public services”.

Speaking last night Joe said that he was ‘beyond delighted to be selected…” and that he was “looking forward to the General Election campaign and securing our first ever Labour MP for Hexham”.

Angie Scott, the Labour Councillor for Prudhoe North, supported Joe’s campaign and has said this morning that she is “Looking forward to working with Joe and turning Hexham red for the first time!”

Finally, a word of thanks to James Bryan. The CLP were grateful to all the everyone who stood and James was a credible candidate. We wish him well for the future.

Joe and Angie turning Hexham red

Joe and Angie turning Hexham red!

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