Joe talking to residents

This weekend our parliamentary candidate Joe Morris and CLP members have been out campaigning across the constituency.

Joe joined us in campaigning on the streets in Prudhoe, Hexham and Stannington where he knocked doors and introduced himself to residents. He listened to their stories of 13 years of disastrous Tory government: an underfunded NHS, broken local services, problems with roads and parking, lack of employment, lack of opportunities, and the cost of living crisis.

There was a lot of positivity for Joe, the Labour Party and its 5 missions. Lib Dem and Green voters recognised that Labour is the only option in the Hexham Constituency. Many Tory voters we spoke to are switching to Labour too, they’re fed up with the terrible and tired government of Guy Opperman and Rishi Sunak.

Joe enjoyed meeting everyone and working with Labour party members so soon after his selection victory. He said:

It’s the honour of my life to be the Labour candidate for the Hexham Constituency, and its been great to get out on the doorstep with the three branches this weekend, speaking to people across Northumberland who are all sick of the current Tory shambles and agree that the country is crying out for change“.

Joe Morris campaigning in Prudhoe

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Right across Hexham Constituency Labour Party members are working to Build a Better Britain and get Guy Opperman out after 13 disastrous years of Conservative government.

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