Politics is still the best way to change our country for the better

The New Year celebrations are rapidly receding as the United Kingdom braces itself for what will be a decisive General Election year. Keir Starmer, the Leader of the Labour Party spoke in Bristol yesterday, offering a message of hope to a nation exhausted and disillusioned with fourteen years of shambolic Conservative government.

The hope of democracy and the power of voting give us all the chance for national renewal. An opportunity to move forward, united and working together to regain our future and build a better Britain.

The Hexham Constituency and its voters have the chance to make a real difference. By electing Joe Morris as our Labour MP we can help to make a country where real action is taken to tackle violence against women and girls; where £28bn will be invested to decarbonise our economy and help secure the futures of our children and grandchildren; where people have the opportunity to live in decent, affordable homes and where real action will be taken to tackle political cronyism and scandals.

Guy Opperman and the Conservatives offer nothing but more of the same: Tax rises, incompetence and the shallow politics of division. On the same day that Keir offered his vision of hope and renewal Rishi Sunak wavered and vacillated over the date of the election. Almost everyone was thinking early May, but now Sunak is hinting at the Autumn. It doesn’t matter to us. Tomorrow, the day after, May, November or next January the Labour Party stands ready to fight and win a General Election that will define all of our futures.

At the ballot box choose Joe Morris, Labour and hope.

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Right across Hexham Constituency Labour Party members are working to Build a Better Britain and get Guy Opperman out after 13 disastrous years of Conservative government.

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Guy Opperman has voted for 25 tax rises