Opperman’s failure to back vital NHS dentistry motion leaves patients in pain

In a recent House of Commons vote on a crucial motion to rescue NHS dentistry, Guy Opperman’s lack of support is callous and disheartening. Communities across the Constituency and struggling to access dental care.

The proposed motion by the Labour Party aimed at addressing the dental crisis includes:

  • Creating 700,000 additional urgent dentistry appointments
  • Offering incentives to recruit dentists to underserved areas
  • Implementing supervised toothbrushing in schools for three- to five-year-olds
  • Reforming the NHS dental contract to ensure accessibility for everyone in need

Labour would finance this ambitious plan by abolishing the non-dom tax status, a tax break benefiting wealthy individuals who live and work in Britain but pay taxes overseas.

Despite the pressing need for action, Opperman’s failure to support the motion is alarming, especially in light of recent data revealing that, among the 7 dental surgeries providing updates in Hexham, 5 are not accepting new adult patients.

The dire state of NHS dentistry is evident nationwide, with millions of patients struggling to secure timely appointments. Shockingly, patient survey data indicates that last year, 4.75 million people were either denied appointments or informed that practices weren’t accepting new patients.

Healthwatch England has reported distressing stories of individuals resorting to DIY dentistry, with 1 in 10 Brits admitting to attempting their own dental work. A recent Nuffield Trust report warns that under the current administration, NHS dentistry is facing its most precarious situation in 75 years, with suggestions that it may no longer be universally offered to all patients. A pilot program in Cornwall limiting NHS dentistry to children and the most vulnerable is a troubling sign of the system’s decline under the Tories.

Our Parliamentary Candidate Joe Morris, commenting on this terrible state of affairs, has said:

“Patients in Hexham are finding it impossible to see a dentist, with some having to resort to DIY dentistry. Yet when the chance came to do something about it, Guy Opperman did nothing.
The Conservatives think that people should be happy with the poor service we have today. Another five years of the Conservatives will see NHS dentistry gone for good.
Labour has a plan to rescue NHS dentistry from this crisis and get patients seen on time again. We will pay for it by abolishing the non-dom tax status, because people who live and work in Britain should pay their taxes here too.”

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