Labour blow to Tories’ ‘Blue Wall’

In a recent trio of by-elections the Conservatives saw two losses and narrowly held Boris Johnson’s ex-seat of Uxbridge. The biggest win went to Labour’s Keir Mather who took the supposedly safe Tory seat of Selby and Ainsty with a swing of 23.7% (16456 votes, 46% of the overall count). This was a blow to the Tories’ ‘Blue Wall’: Selby and Ainsty was considered a safe, rural Conservative seat.

The Labour Leader Keir Starmer, quoted by the BBC, said:

This is a historic result that shows that people are looking at Labour and seeing a changed party that is focused entirely on the priorities of working people with an ambitious, practical plan to deliver.”

Mr Mather said his party had “rewritten the rules on where Labour can win“.

He said voters were “extremely frustrated” at the way the area’s previous Tory MP had stood down but that the cost-of-living crisis was the top issue on the doorstep.

These words echo loudly and truly in the Hexham Constituency. Northumberland Labour say the election results are encouraging for Labour.

Northumberland Labour’s Leader Scott Dickinson said:

Rural Labour said while the result in Uxbridge was disappointing the media would have claimed Labour could only win among the ‘London Metropolitan elite’. Winning in Selby has shown that Labour can win in towns and villages in the blue wall. This is right. We are seeing that people have had enough of this government and it’s time for change.’

In Uxbridge Labour ran an impressive campaign and narrowly missed taking the seat by a mere 495 votes. Elsewhere, the Tories suffered another damaging blow losing the seat of Somerton and Frome to the Liberal Democrats.

Labour will win in Hexham

The Hexham Constituency Labour Party are campaigning to elect Hexham’s first Labour MP. A combination of Blue Fade, an incompetent Conservative government, boundary changes and demographics, means that we have a genuine opportunity to unseat Guy Opperman and elect a Labour MP who will work to build a fairer, greener Britain. These by-election results and the polls are encouraging but there is still much work to be done.

Join the Labour Party

Right across Hexham Constituency Labour Party members are working to Build a Better Britain and get Guy Opperman out after 13 disastrous years of Conservative government.

If you’d like to get involved please consider joining the party or making a donation.

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