Local Election results are in: Labour largest party in local government

Voters across much of England (but not the Hexham constituency) went to the polls yesterday to elect their county councillors.

At the time of writing (Evening of the 5th May), the Tories have lost over 1000 councillors. Labour have made great gains with over 500 new councillors and taken control of over 21 councils.

The loss of more than 1000 Tory councillors exceeds their widely publicised ‘worst case scenario’. The Daily Mail recently suggested that only 338 seats would be lost! These elections demonstrate that Labour is winning and ready to govern.

In our local area Labour held Newcastle and gained a councillor just over the constituency boundary in Callerton and Throckley, which will be in Hexham Constituency at the next General Election due to boundary changes. Congratulations to Adam Walker who won 41.7% of the vote! Many of our members campaigned with our friends in Throckley and Callerton and we’re very pleased with this result.

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