The Falcon Centre in Wylam, owned by Northumberland County Council is a repurposed school house, built circa 1930, that is currently used as a library and a museum.  It also runs playgroups and Yoga classes, but it is significantly underused.

Over the past two years a number of interested parties have been coming together to discuss this beautiful building and how it can be maintained and used to its full potential for the benefit of the whole community.

Many of these people are local Labour Party members.  They include Bywell Branch members: Vanessa Maughan, Steve Grinter, Fran and Tony Pierre, Newcastle City UNISON Labour Link officer, Ed Clegg; Colin Percy, Chris Wharton, John Hampton, Holly Waddell, Jim Robertson and Joseph White, all of whom have contributed in some way to the campaign.  We have also been expertly guided in recent months by the Workers Education Association, and we’re working closely with Wylam PC.

At the moment, we are mapping the locality and beginning to survey the local community to find out what they’d like to see happening with the building.

We’re also in the process of applying for it to be an ‘Asset of Community Value’, which in turn will give us certain legal rights to maintain the building and its current use.

We hope the whole community will want to have a say in this beautiful historic building.