A week in the sun?

It’s been an unseasonably hot week in September (more evidence perhaps of our pressing climate emergecy). The Tory government started the week on the ropes as revelation after revelation about the catastrophic concrete crisis in our schools broke in the press. Then the Conservatives found that no one wanted to bid in their offshore wind auction, threatening the government’s goals of increasing renewable energy supply and reducing prices. Britain really can’t go on with a Conservative government in power.

Away from all the high politics of Westminster there was the exciting news that the selection process for our parliamentary candidate has begun! This is really exciting and some individuals have already begun to campaign for their candidature. We wish them all luck and comradeship and the CLP members will be looking forward to hearing from all of the candidates as the selection progress proceeds.


Hexham Street Stall

Campaigning in Hexham and Heddon & Ponteland

We’ve been fantastically active as a CLP over the last week and been hitting the streets right across Northumberland.

Members of the CLP have leafleted Haltwhistle, parts of Stocksfield, Hedley on the Hill and New Ridley. It was great to distribute leaflets about the Tory woeful track record with the NHS and we aim to do more leafleting over the coming weeks.

Today we’ve also had loads of activity. Members of the Hexham Branch ran a brilliant street stall in the Fore Street. They spoke to residents and listened to their concerns and our activist Kate had this to say:

Another brilliant day engaging local people about the real issues with the Hexham Branch Labour Party – we couldn’t stop talking all day! People in Hexham are very keen for a change, and are tired of the poor representation they get from Opperman. We heard this from young people, parents, small business owners, retirees, tenants of social housing, NHS workers… everybody is desperate for a fresh start. People are excited to see Labour soaring in the polls and were pleased to be asked about what they really care about, rather than the canned responses they get from the Tories. We will keep up this momentum – Hexham needs us.

In Heddon, Ponteland and Longhorsley members were out canvassing. Going from door to door talking to residents and hearing their concerns. Like the residents of Hexham people are despairing of their government and MP and they are hungry and hopeful for change.

And don’t forget our General Election Campaign updates in Prudhoe on the 13th and Hexham on the 15th September.

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