Out and about in Heddon on the Wall


Labour Party members have been out and about campaigning for a Labour Government in Heddon on the Wall. We’ve been delivering leaflets and talking with our neighbours about politics and the issues that impact their lives. There’s a lot of disillusionment on the doorstep with the Tories and enthusiasm for Labour and our policies.

Local Branch Secretary Bob Turner had this to say:

“Our conversations today confirm that thirteen years of Conservative Government, and particularly Boris Johnson’s lies, have left many good, ordinary decent people disillusioned with politicians. Labour can build that trust back by listening carefully, staying united and campaigning effectively for a competent, compassionate new politics”.

Right across Hexham Constituency Labour Party members are working to Build a Better Britain and get Guy Opperman out after 13 disastrous years of Conservative government.

If you’d like to get involved please contact the Heddon and Ponteland Branch or consider joining the party or making a donation.