Talking to voters in Stocksfield this week

We’ll be out and about this week knocking on doors and listening to the concerns of residents in Stocksfield. There’s real unhappiness with Guy Opperman and the Conservative Party. We want to work with everyone who wants to build a better, fairer Britain.

Local resident and Labour party member Colin has said:

We’ll be canvassing over several days from the 8th July onwards. We’ll be interested to hear from residents about any issues they would like to raise with their Parish or County Councils and hear their thoughts on the upcoming General Election“.

Under the Tories we have seen local services cut, pollution increase in our rivers, a devastating cost of living crisis and a huge increase in local child poverty and foodbank usageThree million miles of bus journeys have been lost in Northumberland; our roads suffer from lack of funding and the Conservative government has failed both our police officers and victims of crime.

Labour has a real chance to win in the Hexham Constituency after 13 years’ of Conservative failure. We offer help with the mortgage crisis, revitalized high streets and a green economy.

The next Labour Government will work to:

  1. Secure the highest sustained growth in the G7
  2. Build an NHS fit for the future
  3. Make Britain’s streets safe
  4. Break down the barriers to opportunity at every stage
  5. Make Britain a clean energy superpower

We believe that delivering on these five bold missions is how we will restore Britain’s pride and purpose, giving our country its future back.

Vote Labour at the next General Election!

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Right across Hexham Constituency Labour Party members are working to Build a Better Britain and get Guy Opperman out after 13 disastrous years of Conservative government.

If you’d like to get involved please consider joining the party or making a donation.

Northumberland Deserves Better