The Cost of Living Crisis has led to 90% of foodbanks seeing an increase in demand this year. As the cost of food and energy has increased more and more vulnerable families are using these community facilities that provide a vital and much needed lifeline to those struggling with the costs of living.

When the Labour Party left government there were very few foodbanks in Britain. There are now, after 13 years of Tory failure, more than 2500 foodbanks operating and foodbank use has grown enormously. In Northumberland a staggering 24% of children live in poverty. That’s over 3000 kids in our region.

The Labour Party believes that no one should go hungry and we are working so that there is work, fair wages and support for all who need it. Working towards a better, fairer Britain where foodbanks won’t be needed.

Until we have built a better Britain, Labour Party members across the Hexham Constituency are supporting foodbanks across our region. Recently the Ponteland and Heddon Branch raised over £600 to support the Wansbeck foodbank and the Prudhoe and District Branch have been collecting food donations for the Miner’s Lamp in West Wylam.

Angie and Paddy, Town Councillors for West Wylam deliver donations from the Prudhoe Labour Party to the Miner’s Lamp

Scandal of households living in food poverty

Northumberland Labour Leader Scott Dickinson MBE has said:

“In 2023 in a rich country it’s an absolute scandal that nearly a quarter of people living in households in our county are unable to consistently provide healthy food for themselves and their families.

“Something has gone badly wrong with our government and local council and its policies that they think working people relying on food banks to get by is normal. Years of Tory Government and Tory Council Control in Northumberland have been a perfect storm.

“For more than a decade this government has singularly failed the people it’s supposed to be serving. In the last general election, the Tories won many seats in old Labour heartlands with the promise of levelling up and responding to the needs of those who put their faith in them at the ballot box.

“Instead what we have seen is no less than a catastrophe; suppressing wages to the extent that there has now been massive industrial unrest and a government which refuses, until the very last moment, to even get around a table with trade unions asking for decent rates of pay, prime ministers who fly in for a short period and destabilise the economy by claiming to make the rich richer will trickle down to ordinary people. It’s never worked, it doesn’t work and it will never work. It’s not rocket science, but rather a total disregard for the people of this country.

“While the government is trying out its various experiments on the British people it’s the people in our county who suffer. This has got to change and it will under a Labour government committed to serving people in the way that an effective and responsible government should.”

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