The ‘What Budget?’ campaign

31 December, 2020Campaigns, Featured, Home page featured, News

Northumberland County Council Tory leadership recently launched a consultation on a new budget. They say they are looking to make ‘around £8m in savings’, and that they’re having to make the cuts ‘because of COVID’. Is that the extent of the cuts they want to make? No. Read on. And anyway: didn’t government ministers say … Read More

Candidate for Bywell

24 December, 2020Branches, Bywell, Campaigns, Featured, Home page featured, News

Bywell Ward has selected Holly Waddell to be their candidate in the Northumberland County Council  elections in May 2021 Holly has grown up in the Bywell Ward, worked in local businesses and attended the local schools. She has campaigned on issues affecting the local community and is actively involved in it.

TUC’s important new report on THE RISE OF THE FAR RIGHT – what we do about it

4 December, 2020Campaigns, Featured, Home page featured, News, Trade Unions

Released: 03 Dec 2020 Building solidarity and workers’ power 1. Throughout history trade unions have been at the forefront of the struggle against the far right and its attempts to divide working people using narratives of hate and blame. Drawing on our core values of unity, equality and solidarity, we will strengthen existing links and build … Read More

For every £1 spent on union-led training the economy gets nearly £13 back, new report reveals

2 December, 2020Campaigns, Featured, Home page featured, News, Trade Unions, Work, Economy & Environment

Issue date: 24 Nov 2020 TUC calls on government to urgently rethink proposal to axe Union Learning Fund  Scrapping the scheme will undermine the government’s “levelling up” agenda, warns new report  The funding should be reinstated at the Spending Review, says TUC  The TUC has today (Tuesday) called on the government to urgently rethink its decision to axe the Union Learning Fund (ULF).  … Read More

Hexham CLP supports justice for Palestine

3 November, 2020Campaigns, Featured, Home page featured, International, News

Hexham CLP’s General Committee meeting on 22 October 2020, unanimously passed a historic motion in support of the rights of Palestinians. The motion seeks to require the fund-managers at Northumberland Council Local Government Pension Scheme to divest from companies which profit from the continued illegal settlements in Palestinian territories. Companies such as HSBC aid the … Read More

Telephone Canvassing

16 November, 2019ARCHIVE, Elections, Home page featured

The new improved Dialogue system is up and running. Hexham CLP is running almost daily group sessions. Or you can choose to work from the comfort of your own home at times that suit you. You can select who to speak to in whichever ward. It costs you nothing. Watch the training video.