Polling predicts historic win for Labour in Hexham Constituency

This week UK Polling Report announced that Joe Morris and Labour are likely to win the Hexham Constituency at the next General Election. This would be a historic Labour gain, with the seat turning red for the first time in its 138 year history. This prediction was covered in detail by the Hexham Courant but the writing has definitely been on the wall for the Conservatives in the Hexham Constituency for a while now. This deeply unpopular Conservative government, who have disastrously managed the economy to create a biting cost of living crisis, has frittered away any goodwill left in the electorate. Rishi Sunak and his MPs, including Guy Opperman, have set a new and grim record: this will be the first parliament in history, according to the Resolution Foundation, to see a fall in living standards.

We’re taking nothing for granted: working to win in Hexham and Tynedale

The polling is positive but we’re taking nothing for granted. We know that we need to earn the trust of the voters. To listen to their concerns, to hear their worries and solve their problems.

This week our candidate Joe Morris has been championing small and medium-sized businesses. These enterprises are struggling across our constituency as we can see from boarded up shop fronts on the high and front streets of our towns and villages. These businesses are the the lifeblood of our communities and essential to our economic success. They create sorely needed jobs, opportunities and wealth in our region. That’s why Labour’s 9 point plan will:

  1. Legislate to tackle late payments: Unlocking £20 billion in unpaid invoices
  2. Scrap business rates: And replace it with a system that is fairer for bricks and mortar businesses
  3. Revitalise our high streets: Tackling anti-social behaviour and powers to take over empty shops
  4. Boosting small business exports: Removing the barriers to export with clear information and support
  5. A new direction for skills: With Technical Excellence Colleges connected to local economic needs
  6. Get Britain building again: By speeding up the planning system and unblocking the grid
  7. Make Britain a clean energy super power: For cheaper bills and greater energy security
  8. The best place to start up and scale up: With better access to finance and more spinouts from universities
  9. A fair chance at public contracts: With guaranteed shortlisting for smaller firms


Speaking to voters

Joe Morris and members of the CLP have also been out this week speaking to voters. Braving snow, ice and bitterly cold temperatures we’ve knocked on hundreds of doors in Wylam, Ovingham, Callerton, Prudhoe and Kenton Bank Foot. The echoes of optimism have reverberated through the streets as our dedicated volunteers have embarked again on a spirited journey of door knocking and canvassing. Armed with passion and purpose, these tireless campaigners are forging connections with voters, turning each doorstep into an opportunity for change. Every knock on the door and conversation is a chance to bridge the gap between the electorate and their representatives, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. It’s a celebration of democracy in action, where canvassing efforts have become a testament to the power of people-driven politics, where genuine connection and understanding are helping us to build a better Britain, one doorstep at a time.

Joe Morris wants to hear from YOU! He wants to hear YOUR VIEWS so that he can be the best MP, representing the entirety of their Constituency.

Joe Morris campaigning in the snow

Join the Labour Party

Right across Hexham Constituency Labour Party members are working to Build a Better Britain and get Guy Opperman out after 13 disastrous years of Conservative government.

If you’d like to get involved please consider joining the party or making a donation.

Joe Morris for Hexham