Northumberland County Council Tory leadership recently launched a consultation on a new budget.

They say they are looking to make ‘around £8m in savings’, and that they’re having to make the cuts ‘because of COVID’. Is that the extent of the cuts they want to make? No. Read on.

And anyway: didn’t government ministers say that Councils would ‘get what they need’? Yes, see below.

The Tories are now asking the very people these cuts will deprive, where they think the cuts should be made.

We say –

don’t do the Tories’ dirty work for them.

Send back your consultation with the message that we don’t want services cut – we want them improved. And leave the ‘ranking’ question blank, so we don’t help them rank services against each other in order of importance.

The Labour Party has launched its ‘What Budget?’ campaign to keep Northumberland residents informed and involved during this process.

Watch Labour Party activists tell you more about it, here

See ‘fact-checking the Tory Leader of the Council’, here

The Tories are in for a fight. :fist:

updated 31-12-20