The Eurovision final isn’t the only exciting thing happening this Saturday 13th May! Labour Party members from Prudhoe branch and from all over Hexham constituency area will come together for a day of action, and special guests!

Super Saturday’ will see members knock on hundreds of doors in Prudhoe North and Prudhoe South, and take the time to hear from residents about local issues that matter to them. There will also be a street stall on the Front Street.

Prudhoe Branch is delighted to welcome special guests Kim McGuinness (Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner); Jamie Driscoll (Elected North of Tyne Mayor) and Scott Dickinson MBE (Northumberland Labour Leader) who will be meeting residents and joining in with the day’s activities. And our very own Angie Scott, Northumberland County Councillor for Prudhoe North will be on the doorstep too.

Kim McGuinness, Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner said:
The people of Hexham deserve better than this shambolic Tory government. We’ve all been let down time and time again. The Tories promised us more police, but as yet we still have 485 fewer officers than we had in 2010 when they came into government. They’ve failed to level up areas like ours and all this is proof that people need a Labour government more than ever before. We’ll work tirelessly to make sure your voices are heard whether you live in Hexham, Prudhoe, Ponteland or in our rural villages and hamlets.

Jamie Driscoll, North of Tyne Mayor said:
People in our area face the same cost of living crisis as people across our country. Too many jobs are low paid. Housing is too expensive. Fuel and food costs are out of control. And public transport doesn’t get people where they need affordably. The Tories have had 13 years to get this right, but they’ve failed on every measure.
The only chance we have to reverse the damage is by electing a Labour government, and that means winning in seats like Hexham – That’s why I’m supporting Labour colleagues this weekend to get the message out that another future is possible.

Scott Dickinson MBE, Northumberland Labour Leader said:
This week over a thousand Conservatives lost seats in elections where local people knew they needed Labour Councillors in their communities. Over coming months we’ll be working hard to show people of Northumberland what a Labour Council and Government will look like and give them the opportunity to rid themselves of a Conservative run Council and deliver a fresh Labour MP to put local people first in Hexham.

The momentum for change in Prudhoe is strong and ordinary peoples’ voices are rising.
Paddy O’Kelly, newly elected Prudhoe Town Councillor said:
Prudhoe has a population of just over 10,00 people, roughly the same size as Hexham. Do not underestimate the power of your vote to bring about a better standard of living for you and your family by electing local Labour representatives, and a Labour MP at the next general election.

If you want more information about the day follow this link.