71% of women encounter harassment in public spaces

Kim McGuinness, Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, is calling on those of us who work with men and boys to engage with ‘active by-stander training’ to combat the harassment of women and girls.

A shocking 71% of women have encountered harassment in public spaces and Kim, speaking to the Hexham Courant, has said:

If no one confronts these sexist behaviours and attitudes people continue accepting them as normal – this has to change. By doing nothing we empower the harasser so it’s on us all – we all have to do something.

This kind of behaviour is sometimes excused as ‘banter’ but such language and actions can be upsetting, demeaning and underline sexist and misogynistic attitudes. By encouraging people, organisations and businesses to sign up to the training Kim hopes that more of us will feel empowered to say such behaviour is inappropriate and that real, lasting changes will be brought to communities across the North East and the lives of women and girls will be improved.

The training is free of charge and can be booked though this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/active-bystander-training-course-1-1981779

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