Plan to Vote!

The way we vote has changed, so make sure you Don’t Lose your Vote!

Elections are coming and in some parts of our region local elections are only a few weeks away.

Many people don’t know that you can’t simply turn up to vote anymore. Starting in May 2023 everyone will need to provide photo ID at the polling station.

This new law introduced by the Tory Government has been described by The Electoral Reform Society as ‘an expensive distraction’ that is likely to create a barrier to democracy for disadvantaged groups. The Government’s own research shows that people with disabilities, the unemployed, those how have never voted and those without educational qualifications are all likely to lack a form of photo ID.   The same research has demonstrated that 2% of the population lack any Photo ID and 4% lack recognisable Photo ID. That’s 2.1 million people!

You can make a plan to vote and check whether your ID is valid using the Plan to Vote website by Open Britain. You can also check whether the ID you hold will be valid too!

Remember you can also apply for a postal vote!


(credit: Photo by Red Dot on Unsplash)

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