Campaigning in Hexham Central

Members of the Hexham Branch of the Labour Party, supported by members from Prudhoe, Bywell, Ponteland and Allen Valleys, were back campaigning in Hexham today after our success in Hexham East in February. We hit the streets and knocked on doors in Hexham Central.

We were joined by Alex Norris, the Shadow Levelling-up Minister and Labour and CO-OP MP for Nottingham North and other local politicians.

On the doorstep we heard local residents and their concerns. There was much unhappiness with the local Tory MP Guy Opperman and the current Conservative government after its thirteen disastrous years in power. The people of Hexham made it clear to us today that they’re sick of a complacent government that takes their votes for granted. They want a fairer, greener Britain and a Labour Government.

Do you live in Hexham? Why not join the party and help us Build a Better Britain? You can also donate to our General Election campaign.


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