Jim McMahon, (Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), has pledged in the Yorkshire Post that Labour will invest in rural farming communities.

Speaking ahead of the National Farmers’ Union conference next week, Jim said that farmers are facing many challenges including: the aftermath of the pandemic, the cost of living crisis and a labour shortage. Rural workers are seeing their earnings squeezed and are struggling to keep their heads above water, ignored by the Tory government.

Labour will bring forward policies on landuse and the financial viability of farms. Labour will also work with farmers to ensure that the food we need is produced in an environmentally sustainable way:

“The best farmers are custodians of animal welfare, and custodians of nature, the best farms, and we need to make sure that we embrace that, and we encourage more of that”

Jim went on to say:

“We do need to make sure that you have a housing market that supports local people being able to stay in their areas.”

“I think that’s where the Government really has taken their eye off the ball, to really underestimate the fear and the worry that it brings if people don’t feel safe in their community, or the only future the kids or their grandkids have is one outside the area where they were raised, not inside.”

Hexham is the second largest constituency by land area in England and  farming is an important part of our economy and communities. Labour is working to make a fairer, greener future for everyone: in cities, towns and our rural communities, because we’re Stronger Together.

Photo by Monika Kubala on Unsplash