Labour will train a new generation of Doctors & Nurses

Labour promises to train a new generation of Doctors and Nurses using money raised by abolishing the non-dom tax status

People who live here should pay tax here

13 years of Tory mismanagement has left the NHS without the doctors and nurses it needs.

Ambulances arrive late or never at all, GP appointments and operations are impossible to get and 7 million people are currently waiting for treatment. 

The longer the Tories are in power, the longer patients wait.

The Tories have chosen to protect non-dom tax status, allowing some wealthy individuals living in Britain to pay their taxes overseas.

We need nurses, not non-doms.

Labour will abolish non-dom tax status and instead train a new generation of doctors, nurses, and midwives to treat patients on time again.

It’s simple: if you make Britain your home you should pay your taxes here too.

Labour’s costed plan will guarantee that patients are put first and make the NHS fit for the future.

Patients need treatment more than the wealthiest need a tax break.

Nurses over non-doms.

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