A number of local Labour Party members and supporters and Facebook users have contacted the Vote Penny Grennan Facebook page about the ‘Best for Britain’ Tactical Voting Website. 

The election in the Hexham Constituency is a straight ‘2 horse race’ between the Tories and the Labour Party. However, the local Lib Dems have started to use the ‘Best for Britain’ website to mislead local voters in Hexham. 

The website advises voters in Hexham to vote Lib Dem to unseat Tory MP, Guy Opperman. 

In the last General Election in 2017, the Lib Dems came a poor third in the Hexham Constituency with 3,285 votes (7% of the vote). Labour were a clear second, reducing Opperman’s majority and gaining 15,760 votes (34.1% of the vote).

The ’Best for Britain’ website is using dodgy polling information and prioritises the results of EU elections, in which 63% of the electorate didn’t vote. These elections were also held under a different electoral system and a protest vote was cast by many. 

Owen Jones commented on the website and its national connotations on Twitter …

“Basically, the @BestForBritain tactical voting website is a Lib Dem sham which, if acted upon, would hand Boris Johnson a whopping big majority to flog the NHS off at Donald Trump’s behest. Strongly avoid.”

Vote Labour. Vote Penny Grennan for Hexham