The fate of Wylam Riversdale surgery still remains uncertain. The CCG and NHS England await the business plan from the surgery which is required before the decision making process can move forward. Yet the surgery’s website suggests it is ‘still waiting for essential information from NHS Property Services regarding the proposed use of the building at our Oaklands site. We can not progress with our application until we receive this information.’ However the Wylam Surgeries Users’ Group continues to make the case for adequate, accessible and local GP services in Wylam and the surrounding Bywell constituency villages. Our interim report (see below for summary) has been sent to the various bodies involved in the decision making process. We continue to explore alternative sites in the village. Earlier in the year the Surgeries Users’ Group met the White Medical Group who also have a surgery in Wylam, and continues to liase with Healthwatch who have conducted a survey into the proposed closure. In addition the Wylam Surgeries Users’ Group continues to attend CCG meetings where the issue is discussed and monitors CCG agendas and minutes.

In the meantime people can assist by:

Completing Healthwatch’s questionnaire available at

Signing the petition at to protect GP services in the area

Emailing the following people

Summary of report by Wylam Surgeries Users’ Group into the proposed closure of Wylam’s Riversdale Surgery

The proposed closure of Riversdale Wylam surgery and the transfer of the practice to Prudhoe is to the detriment of the health and well being of many Riversdale patients living in Wylam and surrounding villages. The Wylam surgery has over 3000 users. More homes are being built in the area. Public transport is wholly inadequate. Alternative GP provision in Wylam and surrounding areas is limited. Patients most affected by the closure are the economically disadvantaged, the aged, women, carers, the cared for, people with disabilities and mental health issues. Full access to adequate healthcare may be denied in these cases and could be considered discriminatory.

It has been suggested that White Medical Group (WMG) situated in Wylam can facilitate patients not wishing or unable to travel to Prudhoe. WMG currently has neither the staff nor the premises to provide for this. There are two realistic options open to NHS England and Northumberland PCCG to help fulfil its remit to provide adequate surgery provision for all patients in Wylam and surrounding villages. They are as follows. The NHS should take a partial or whole stake in the existing Wylam Riversdale practice, ‘buying out’ the shares of retired and soon to retire partners who wish to realise their financial outlay in the property. Alternatively, another site should be identified such as the underused Falcon Centre that can become a multi-use village amenity including GP service provision. In both cases this would maintain adequate, accessible and local GP services for Wylam and the surrounding villages and obviate the likely pressure put on wider NHS services if adequate GP provision in the area is withdrawn.

Download the report: Proposed closure of Riversdale Surgery in Wylam
Interim report – Wylam Surgeries Users Group – 04 April 2018