Phone Banking or Telephone Canvassing


The new improved Dialogue system is up and running.

Hexham CLP is running almost daily group sessions. Details are being posted on the Election Events Calendar (the sessions are marked in yellow). If you have any queries contact Daphne on 07779862952 or

Or you can choose to work from the comfort of your own home at times that suit you.

You can select who to speak to in whichever ward. It costs you nothing. It is cheaper for the Labour Party if you use a landline. But yes, use a mobile. The training video is great.

If anyone doesn’t have a My Labour account, you can create one easily on the website:
All you need is your membership number.  If anyone has any issues, they can contact or call then on 0345 0922299 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) although they are VERY busy, or ask Daphne.

Here's an introduction to how to use the Labour Party telephone canvassing system called Dialogue.