Some of you may know that on the 23rd of June, members of the CLP, in partnership with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign  and Newcastle Labour Friends of Palestine hosted an online session on the topic of Gaza and Palestine.  We hope this event will be the first of many, and to those who attended, thank you.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which is ongoing, and the brutalisation of the Palestinian people should be opposed.

Featuring two speakers: Ahmed and Hala, both post-grad students at Durham University, their moving personal accounts of life in Gaza were eye-opening to say the least, and we are enormously grateful to them for sharing these experiences.  For those who attended last week’s event, the speakers have asked for feedback on their presentations, and we would be very grateful if attendees would oblige.  Please send any feedback to me at:

and it will be passed on to the speakers.

In efforts to broaden our understanding of the complex political situation in Palestine and its relationship with the state of Israel, we have complied a Google Doc containing relevant information from a variety of sources, and invite members to engage with this literature, and make further suggestions for content.  We are in talks with a local business in Hexham who will hopefully stock some of these titles, shedding light particularly on Arab and Palestinian authors, who are often underrepresented.

This Palestine Reading list can be viewed here:

Furthermore, as was expressed in the meeting on the 23rd of June, media coverage of the occupation in Palestine is very limited, and most mainstream outlets do not give adequate attention to the wide range of social, economic, environmental and political difficulties faced by Palestinians, particularly those currently trying to survive in Gaza.  Thus, listed below are a number of reputable media institutions that aim to give a more balanced and representative view of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Al Jazeera:

Middle East Eye:

Middle East Monitor:

TRT World:

We Are Not Numbers:

Particularly, we would like to highlight We Are Not Numbers, an organisation that Ahmed is involved in, which encourages young Palestinians to share and celebrate their stories, highlighting the human tragedy behind the ever-growing number of Palestinians who have been wounded and killed.

Above all, it is hoped that members will engage with Palestinian voices and help put pressure on local and national government figures to speak out against the illegal occupation of Palestinian land, and to condemn the proposed annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank. The plans to annex nearly a third of the West Bank (Palestinian land which has been militarily occupied by Israel since 1967) are illegal under international law, and undermine efforts made to achieve peace in the region, by rendering a two-state solution impossible.  The Labour Party and its members have a proud history of championing human rights, and we call on members to speak out on the current injustices that are faced by the Palestinians.

Particularly, we ask members to call on the Leadership to decisively speak out against the proposed annexation on 1st June, as well as highlighting the issue with Hexham MP, Guy Opperman, who has not commented on the situation.

We also are asking members with a particular interest in this subject to reach out, as we are currently seeking ways discuss and raise the profile of the proposed annexation in three days’ time and welcome ideas and suggestions.

Katie Osborne.

Please, while you’re here – sign these petitions (of course, they’re subject to date.  You might find they’ve been sent already)


Oppose Annexation of Palestinian Land

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