Report by Hexham CLP’s delegate, Penny Grennan.

The Labour Party’s first stand alone National Women’s Conference was held in Telford on 23rd and 24th February 2019. There were over 1200 women there as delegates and visitors and the motions passed by conference were:

  • Women in the workforce
  • Early years Education and childcare
  • Pensions
  • Violence against women and girls
  • Social Care
  • Abortion rights
  • Universal Credit and employment support
  • Rights for Migrant women

Of the 8 motions 2 were sent to National conference where they will be debated and hopefully become part of national policy. They were:

  • Rights for Migrant women
  • Women in the workforce

The 6 other motions will feed into the National Policy Forum.

The debates at the conference were impassioned and wide ranging and the diversity of the conference attendees was truly amazing. There were workshops and talks; in particular by a trio of women politicians from Ghana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. They talked about the difficulties of being a women in their respective countries and then the additional dangers that they face being women politicians. Sobering but joyful.

The key note speakers were Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott Shadow Home Secretary and Dawn Butler Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equality.

I was the only delegate and the Hexham CLP submitted a motion to the conference on the plight of women who have had their state pensions delayed for up to 6.5 years. This motion was chosen for debate and I proposed it. I directly addressed our MP from the platform and you can view the 3 minute speech below.