Labour’s environmental policies involve taking action on: 

  • energy – 60% of the UK’s energy will come from low-carbon or renewable sources within twelve years of coming to power. Labour will support the development of tidal lagoons and remove the barriers to onshore wind, upgrade and invest in flexible energy networks and ban fracking.
  • homes – improve home insulation by providing financial support thus reducing the cost of heating homes and levels of greenhouse gas emission and introduce a zero carbon homes standard for new-build homes.
  • clean air – introduce a new Clean Air Act, expand the public transport system which is less damaging to the environment.
  • transport – support clean modes of transport through more rail electrification and expansion of the railway network, creating a Crossrail for the North linking cities and expanding rail freight. Introduce free bus travel for under 25s and develope and  upgrade the National Cycle Network. Encourage ultra-low emission vehicles. Any airport expansion adheres to rigid tests on noise and air quality.
  • freshwater – improve the quality of freshwater resources and ensure an increased water demand is met by bringing water back into democratic public ownership. Increase levels of investment to reduce leakage and tackle sewage pollution.
  • farming, fishing & wildlife – realign funds for farming and fishing to support sustainable practices with smaller traders, local economies and community benefits. Farmers to conserve, enhance and create safe habitats for birds, insects and other wild animals, and encourage the growth of wildflowers. End the routine use of antibiotics for farm animals and promote the most sustainable forms of farming and fishing. Support for small-scale fishing fleet and review the allocation of UK fishing quotas to the benefit of coastal communities. Targets for plastic bottle deposit schemes and working with food manufacturers and retailers to reduce waste. Enhance and strengthen the Hunting Act, end the badger cull, improve enforcement and prosecution rates for the persecution of birds of prey and tackle the trade in fur. Initiate a large tree planting programme and end rotational heather burning. An independent review into driven grouse shooting. Ban wild animals in circuses.