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Hexham Labour Friends of Palestine with Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine on the annual ‘Walk the Tyne for Palestine’ event on 29 August 2021.

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Israel and Palestine – the government’s response to online petitions, 585313 and 585314 on 14 June 2021

At the Hexham CLP general meeting of 17 June 2021, Chris Easton made this report on the work of Hexham Labour Friends of Palestine.

“I was, as I’m sure many here were, one of more than half a million people who signed a petition demanding that the government to recognise Palestine and introduce sanctions against Israel.  

The resulting debate was opened by the Newcastle MP, Catherine McKinnell, but this is a quote from the Chair of Labour Fiends of Palestine, the Sunderland MP, Julie Eliot:

“The Government should ban goods from illegal settlements and recognise the state of Palestine now. 

They should take action with the international community to ensure that international law is upheld.”

Afzal Khan, a Manchester MP, said: 

“These shocking scenes during the holy month of Ramadan—far-right Israeli groups chanting “Death to Arabs”, the storming of the holy al-Aqsa mosque and the bombing of the media building in Gaza—are beyond contemptible, and yet there is zero accountability for Israeli actions.”

“We must move away from a debate on Hamas versus Israel’s right to defence, and tangibly work towards a peace process that respects and demands human rights, equality, international law, accountability and the recognition of Palestine. 

The UK has a moral obligation to uphold international law.”

James Cleverley, the Minister for the Middle East & North Africa, replied:

“we are firmly opposed to boycotts or sanctions against Israel.“ 


“the UK will recognise a Palestinian state at a time when it best serves the object of peace”

Palestine news and reports

Human Rights Watch report, April 2021

B’Tselem report on Israeli Apartheid, March 2021

‘A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea –  this is apartheid’

The Israeli human rights organisation, B’Selem’s report into Apartheid in occupied Palestine territories

War on Want report ‘Judge Jury, and Occupier: Israel’s Military Court System in the Occupied West Bank’

Over 800,000 Palestinian civilians have passed through Israel’s military courts since 1967 when the occupation began. This system and the profound injustice it dispenses upon Palestinians must be brought to an end.

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