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Civilians should never be tried in military courts. That should go without saying. But for Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank, any opposition to Israel’s illegal rule makes them subject to arrest and trial in a military court.

War on Want’s new report: Judge, Jury, and Occupier: Israel’s military court system in the occupied West Bank, released today, exposes how the military courts uphold Israel’s illegal occupation – by enforcing repressive laws imposed on the Palestinian population to suppress dissent, quash resistance to occupation, and deepen Israel’s military rule.

Over 800,000 Palestinian civilians have passed through Israel’s military courts since 1967 when the occupation began. This system and the profound injustice it dispenses upon Palestinians must be brought to an end.

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‘A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea –  this is apartheid’

The Israeli human rights organisation, B’Selem’s report into Apartheid in occupied Palestine territories

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