1830hrs (GMT), 17 May 2021, MachsomWatch, ISRAEL feat. Ronny Perlman

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We are very pleased to invite you to our next online event, featuring the Israeli women who form the collective, MachsomWatch, Israel.

MACHSOM WATCH, ISRAEL began in 2001 when three Jewish women first saw a military checkpoint in the West Bank and were resolved to act.

They are women of all walks of life in Israeli society. 

Their aim is to put an end to the occupation.

They visit accessible places inside the Occupied Territories: the military checkpoints; Palestinian villages; persecuted shepherd communities, and the military courts where Palestinians stand trial. 

They document what they see and hear. 

They then send this to Members of Israel’s Knesset (parliament) and to journalists.  They found that the more Palestinians were harmed, the less the Israeli media reported it.

With the lack of fair media coverage, the Israeli public has been unable to follow the State’s systematic takeover of Palestinian lands (which is de-facto annexation); they haven’t been able to understand the fate of people, humiliated and helpless, who cannot control their own destiny nor protect their own property, children and families; or to learn how vulnerable Palestinians are as any Israeli may burn their fields, cut down their olive groves, run havoc at night in the villages, intimidate, threaten and harm without being accountable, and in innumerable cases even backed up by the army and the State itself.

In their own words: MACHSOM “have taken it upon themselves to recount the reality of the Occupation and pass on to the Israeli public what has been taking place just minutes away from their homes, and in their name”.

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