Why I am standing for Haydon with Hadrian …

A Tyne Valley resident for 31 years, I’ve lived in Hexham and worked in Newcastle. I’m a family man, with four grown-up children and six lovely grandchildren. My working life has been spent in education, half in schools, and half in advice to schools, inspection (sorry, teachers), and administration. The post I retired from was Head of Education for Newcastle City Council.
I have served the community of Hexham as a town councillor, using my strategic planning skills to co-ordinate the production of the town’s Vision 2020 plan and then its complex Neighbourhood Plan. I believe in the power of community consultation to get decision-making right, and as County Councillor for Haydon and Hadrian this will be an early priority and a challenge, given the number and locations of local communities.
The County Council needs a new plan, a Labour plan that will give people decent, energy-efficient homes, good jobs in modern industry or farming or services, and for young people high standards in education. It must be a plan that’s right for people and a plan that they can trust.”

Dave Clegg

Vote Labour on 6 May

(Promoted by Grant Davey on behalf of Susan Dungworth and Northumberland Labour Group at 11 Craigmill Park, Blyth, NE24 5JL.)