Why I am standing for Hexham East …

Both the past and future have inspired me to stand for Hexham East ward.

I’m a historian and have spent (too) much of the last four years looking at the civic culture of the North East in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The extraordinary dynamism of councils, in which locally-led initiatives transformed the lives of their fellow citizens, is inspirational.

In a post-Covid world, we need to replicate that community-led confidence and energy, to improve our communities in a more compassionate, effective and sustainable way.

Looking to the future, my son was born last September, and I am beginning to see the town and area through his eyes. I want to work to improve our community so that he and everybody – young and old – can live, work and play in a fair and friendly environment, with good housing, modern transport links, a vibrant town centre, and social services and a health and care system that offers support to everyone.

These are my priorities but I will listen to everyone in our ward, representing the interests of our community at a county level.”

Vote Labour on 6 May

Guy Hinton, Labour Candidate for Hexham East ward 
Promoted by Hexham and District Branch Labour Party on behalf of Guy Hinton.