Hexham CLP’s General Committee meeting on 22 October 2020, unanimously passed a historic motion in support of the rights of Palestinians.

The motion seeks to require the fund-managers at Northumberland Council Local Government Pension Scheme to divest from companies which profit from the continued illegal settlements in Palestinian territories. Companies such as HSBC aid the illegal Israeli activities in Palestinian territories by supplying goods and services to the occupation forces, without which, they would struggle to continue to occupy Palestinian land.

You can read more about Israeli forces’ actions against Palestinians here e.g. what your own Local Government Pension Scheme investments are. For example, in Northumberland (now Tyne and Wear) LGPS:

HSBC invests over £830million in, and provides financial services worth up to £19billion for, companies arming Israel. These investments include up to £100million worth of shares in the company Caterpillar, who supply the Israeli army with bulldozers which are weaponised and used to demolish Palestinian communities, build Israel’s illegal settlements and apartheid infrastructure including the apartheid wall and military checkpoints.

But the best way to keep abreast of Hexham’s support work is to attend one of the regular online events – past events here; next one 23 November 2020.

Here’s the motion – please feel free to make use of it in your own CLP and let’s see the Local Government Pension Scheme holders able to hold their heads up when claiming their pension, in the full knowledge that their pension wasn’t paid for by cruel oppression of Palestinians.