A message from Bill Haylock,  Secretary of the Hexham Constituency Labour Party.

Jamie Driscoll and his campaign team have scored an outstanding victory for Labour over the Tories in the first ever North of Tyne Mayor election.

The result of yesterday’s election, after a second round run-off in which second preference votes were counted, is:

Jamie Driscoll (Labour) – 76,862
Charlie Hoult (Conservatives) – 60,089

Congratulations to Jamie and a big thanks to all Hexham CLP members who helped secure this historic victory by voting for Jamie and by devoting their time and skills to his campaign. Many Hexham CLP members helped with Jamie’s campaign, including some who had big roles in his core campaign team and many others who talked to voters, by phone or knocking on doors, or who delivered leaflets. Hexham CLP was also, of course, one of the local parties who helped in Jamie’s selection as the Labour candidate by nominating him.

Jamie will now lead the new North of Tyne Combined Authority which includes Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside Councils.

I’m sure we will be able to get Jamie to come and speak about his role, policies and plans at one of our meetings in the near future, once the current suspension of meetings during the EU elections campaign is over.