Bywell meetings in the Boathouse.

Bywell Labour party monthly meetings are organised so that business meetings occur every other month. This means that the remaining meetings are largely given over to discussion about politics and ideas and have proved to be popular. We engage with political ideas as they apply to people’s everyday lives. Our discussions are organised to encourage active engagement with current Labour politics, and how Labour intends to win the next election. Open discussion is encouraged. But you don’t have to do a lot of ‘taking part’ other than to sit back and listen to the discussion.

Recent sessions have been lively and reports suggest enjoyable. These have included Mick Bowman’s consideration of Palestine and the plight of the Palestinian people, Holly Waddell, assisted by Joseph, offering an exploration of Labour and its appeal to younger people, Keith Trobe discussing elections and what Labour needs to do to win and Chris Wharton exploring ideas about Labour and social movements. Most sessions start with a twenty minute talk and then the meeting breaks up in to smaller groups for discussion. Notes from most of these discussion sessions can be found in the resources section of the website –

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