We had our second AGM on Wednesday 10th October, in the Boathouse Wylam, attended by Twelve people.  As with most AGMs much of the formal part of the meeting was dominated by elections.  All of the officer positions remained unchanged other than Vanessa Maughan will now be secretary alone allowing Tony Pierre to concentrate on campaigning as well as social media. Wendy Wood has also taken over as Membership secretary.

Steve Grinter presented his annual report as chair and much of this focussed on how we have developed as a campaigning branch, trying to concentrate on the crucial issues of Health and Transport , whilst supporting other branches in the constituency who are campaigning hard on Education and how the continued Tory cuts devastate communities like Haydon Bridge and Bellingham. Steve also reported on  how vibrant and dynamic Labour party conference was last month. It has changed out of all recognition over the past three years with increased participation and influence  from delegates.

We now have several new activists in the area since the last AGM, notably Wendy and Paul, along with young member Joseph who is now supporting Holly in her role as Branch and CLP young members officer.

Eleven members of the branch are now delegates to the general Committee of the constituency, the relevance of this is that as a delegate you have voting rights.

The less formal part of the meeting had an interesting discussion around how we attract more people to meetings, with other opinions expressed around how different people engage with the Labour Party and although some attend meetings, they are engaged in other, often more fruitful ways. We did agree to look at a possible survey to try to gain a more accurate picture of engagement.

We do hope by the time the next AGM comes around Jeremy will be in number 10