Broadband for the Allen Valleys (B4AV)

  • is a community group creating an independent broadband network offering a 1Gbps fibre connection to every property in the Allen Valleys (and those ‘en route’, south of the A69). It is a hyper-fast broadband, only available to about 3% of the population. (If you want to know what your current broadband speed is – test it at Lancashire’s ‘Broadband for the Rural North’ (B4RN) is the parent organisation – since 2011 they’ve laid thousands of miles of fibre in a fast, sustainable, resilient network, connecting hundreds of new customers each year. This technology (and their expertise) is now being used to bring hyper-fast broadband to rural Northumberland.

The network

  • will be built with assistance from B4RN. Spurs which are fibre connections to houses that have taken up the service will be installed by the local community. The network has been designed to connect as many properties as possible making this service available to even the most rural properties. A dramatic reduction in costs can be achieved by installing small plastic ducts and fibre over farmland, and engaging the community and local contractors in doing so. Low impact methods of deployment including mole ploughing and digging will use ducts similar to water pipes, and then the fibre will be blown through with compressed air. Skilled operators from within the community and trained by B4RN will fusion splice the fibre into every home.

Who is B4AV?

  • B4AV is part of the Broadband for the Rural North community benefit society registered with the Industrial and Provident Societies and is a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise. This community broadband service can only operate for the good of the community and can only be owned as a social enterprise. Its running costs are easily sustained and its profits can only be distributed to the community.
  • We are all volunteers, and the more people that get involved the sooner we will get the network built. Craig and Alison Atkinson of Allen Valleys Labour Supporters’ Group are involved in the project.

To find out more about:

  • becoming a volunteer
  • becoming an investor/shareholder
  • receiving 1Gbps fibre broadband to your property

Go to the B4AV website at email