The importance of effective and well managed transport in a constituency the size of Hexham cannot be overstated. Transport is vital to economic and social life, to the health, education and wellbeing of the community. From getting to work and the shops to enabling visits to hospitals, schools and universities - the region requires a transport system that works. One that enables people of all ages and backgrounds to take part in a full social and cultural life – a transport system that is affordable and does the least damage to the environment.

So what is it like to be a road, rail or bus user in the constituency? How do people get along as drivers and passengers by public or private transport? How do pedestrians, wheelchair users and cyclists get by?

The number of cars on the road increases year on year with towns and villages becoming more congested and less attractive, healthy places to live and visit. Wear and tear on roads along with inadequate speeding restrictions makes life difficult for all road users and driving less of an appealing prospect. Increase in traffic pollution along with the use of pavements as parking places make walking difficult – especially for the old and young, people in wheelchairs or pushing child buggies.

An efficient, well organised and affordable public transport system is therefore crucial. Although some bus companies provide a reasonable service many villages and outlying areas are badly served. As bus services are reduced or withdrawn and the trains on northern routes get older, it becomes clearer that public transport has deteriorated markedly since privatisation. Delays, cancellations and non existing services impair efficient travel and reliable connections with buses, trains, metro and trams beyond the constituency.

Labour believes Britain's rail network should be one unified nationalised industry. The Newcastle Carlisle railway does have its best ever service at the present and the trains have been improved. They are however more than 28 years old. The rail infrastructure of the North East needs massive investment to get more of its potential. Labour looks forward to creating a railway that is properly funded, integrated and fit for purpose.

Latest on the Transport campaigns

Transport to be devolved to mayors in northern England

September 13, 2019

From  the Financial Times 13.09.19 Boris Johnson to hand powers over railway budgets and timetables to metro mayors Jim Pickard in London, Andy Bounds in Southport and Chris Tighe in Newcastle Elected mayors in the north of England are to be given London-style powers over their railway budgets and timetables in a step forward for … Read More

Occupy every single space with your politics!

Occupy every single space with your politics!

July 15, 2019

The Durham Miner’s Gala is always an important event in the labour movement’s calendar. Its been good in recent years to hear the Labour Leader talking live and speaking to you along with your comrades up here in the once industrial and often ignored North of England. But its not just the shared space of … Read More

Young Labour’s public transport street stall

November 21, 2018

Joseph White reports on: Young Labour’s public transport street stall On the whole the response to our recent Hexham Saturday street stall on public transport was positive and supportive. We mainly spoke to people about local transport issues, such as the lack of bus services in rural and isolated communities in the Tyne Valley. In … Read More

Labour’s National Campaign Day

Labour’s National Campaign Day

November 4, 2018

Hexham CLP were out in force for Labour’s Campaign Day on Saturday November 3rd. In Haydon Bridge seven people and a very large fluffy black dog turned up, set up a stall creating high Labour visibility with placards, banners and balloons. Wearing their team t-shirts they distributed leaflets, signed up supporters and listened to folks on the streets. … Read More

The story of Granby Street

October 8, 2018

Empowering people to make decisions that significantly effect there local communities, it’s a mind shift, but it’s Labour’s plan. The story of Liverpool’s Granby Street is inspiring and a good example of a community creating a world they want to live in by creating better homes, facilities and resources with a positive impact on health and … Read More

Labour’s local transport campaign

September 13, 2018

Hexham is a vast rural constituency where transport is essential to people’s well being. However the current government has failed to deliver an adequate transport system. Passengers are paying higher fares to travel on overcrowded and unreliable services. In many rural areas no service exists at all. Labour is committed to re-regulating buses to meet … Read More

Labour’s transport campaign day

August 30, 2018

Across the country rail services are in meltdown and the Tories are failing to stand up for millions of passengers. On Monday 3 September we held a National Campaign Day announcing our plans to put passengers before profits by bringing the railways back into public ownership. Labour was a very visible presence at many railway stations in the … Read More

Keep the guard on the train – strikes on Northern Rail

August 30, 2018

RMT members have been taking strike action for several months and these continue up to Xmas 2018. The action has  been called as part of the fight to keep guards on trains and the issue of rail safety. The union wants talks with management. Strikes are inconvenient for passengers but nothing compared to the safety issues that … Read More

Bus service for Sandhoe and Stagshaw required

August 30, 2018

Sandhoe resident Marcie, a member of Hexham Constituency Labour Party youth network, is concerned about public transport where she lives. Sandhoe and Stagshaw – villages between Hexham and Corbridge, to the north of the A69 – are not currently on a bus route. This causes major mobility problems for young and old alike. Income as well as age is an important  factor … Read More