Angie Scott is the local council candidate for Prudhoe North.

Says Angie: “I am delighted to have been selected to be the Labour candidate for Prudhoe North in the Northumberland County Council elections in May 2021.

I am totally passionate about Prudhoe North, and so proud of Prudhoe, as I was brought up in Halfway, and have lived in Prudhoe all my life.

I am a Prudhoe Town Councillor, and see first-hand the issues we face. Being a Councillor is the greatest privilege. I will lead a strong campaign to fight for the residents of Prudhoe North, showing communities what a difference having a Labour County Council can make. I can see how much needs to be done here to reverse the Conservative Northumberland County Council’s and the Conservative government’s reign of neglect.

COVID has had a devastating effect on the community, and we must support those who are most at risk as we rebuild our society and economy, especially the vulnerable, young people, those in precarious employment and the unemployed.”

Jonathan Wheeler is the local council candidate for Prudhoe South.

Jonathan says: “I am truly honoured to have been selected to stand as the Labour Party Candidate in Prudhoe South in next May’s Northumberland County Council elections. 

I have lived in Prudhoe for nearly three years now, keep an allotment here, volunteer locally, and will very soon be working in the town too. In that time, I’ve fallen in the love with the place I’m now proud to call home, particularly the way an independent spirit and a great sense of community go together hand in hand.

It will be the honour of a lifetime to stand as a candidate for Councillor in Prudhoe South ward. If elected, I will grasp the opportunity to work with individuals and organisations with innovative ideas for the betterment of the town, and I will make it a priority to give local voluntary organisations the support they need to thrive. In these difficult times we need more than ever to come together as a community, and as your councillor I would work tirelessly to ensure that we are there to support each and every resident of Prudhoe South in their time of need.”