Our General Election Campaign Launch

November 8, 2019News, Parliamentary Candidate

A great turnout in Hexham to the launch of our General Election campaign: a public vote with the option to remain, a #GreenNewDeal, rights for gig economy workers & investment in our public services & communities. Lots to get excited about … Real change is coming … Thanks to Jude Kirton-Darling MEP and all who … Read More

The Future of Farming and the Environment – Public Meeting

October 24, 2019Hexham, News, Parliamentary Candidate

The Future of Farming and the Environment – Public Meeting Bellingham Town Hall  Wednesday 23rd October Thanks to Paul Brannen (former MEP and member of the European Agriculture and Environment Committees) for speaking at the meeting and Penny (our prospective parliamentary candidate) for chairing.  A wide ranging and informed discussion followed Paul Brannen’s presentation on … Read More

WASPI Protest at Jobs’ Fair

October 21, 2019Parliamentary Candidate

WASPI women from near and far travelled to Hexham on Friday to protest at the pension injustice they find themselves in. Guy Opperman, Minister for Pensions did not attend the event but the protest was filmed by HexhamTV and one of the WASPI women was interviewed.

The Fight Continues for WASPI Women

October 4, 2019Home page featured, News, Parliamentary Candidate

Nearly 4m women born in 1950s not entitled to restitution over pension age rise, judges rule  The substantial and far-reaching pension injustice for all of us WASPI women, born in the 1950’s remains (An injustice supported by both the Conservatives And Lib Democrats when in coalition). The fight continues …   Penny Grennan  – prospective … Read More

Join us!

September 26, 2019Hexham, Home page featured, News, Parliamentary Candidate

Campaigning in Hexham East with Penny, our prospective parliamentary candidate and members and supporters from all over the constituency. We are powered by ordinary people coming together to bring about a seismic change and a new way of doing politics. Get involved by signing up to become a member or supporter today. https://join.labour.org.uk https://support.labour.org.uk

Unlawful, Void and of No Effect

September 26, 2019Home page featured, News, Parliamentary Candidate

  “Any remaining credibility in the government has now been totally undermined. This is also the case for Hexham MP Guy Opperman, who gave his strong backing for prorogation in the Courant on September 2.” Penny Grennan  Prospective parliamentary candidate  Hexham Courant  25/09/2019

A Green New Deal 

September 25, 2019Hexham, Home page featured, News, Parliamentary Candidate

It’s OFFICIAL – The Labour Party has backed a socialist, transformative Green New Deal with decarbonisation by 2030. The Hexham Constituency Labour Party voted and agreed to send the Green New Deal motion to the Labour Conference and I’m so proud this was passed at Conference today.  More here … https://www.labourgnd.uk Penny Grennan  –  The … Read More

The tide is turning …

September 25, 2019Featured, Home page featured, News, Parliamentary Candidate

  ‘The tide is turning. The years of retreat and defeat are coming to an end. Together, we’ll take on the privileged, and put the people in power. Thank you. Go forward to win an election for the people of this country.’ Jeremy Corbyn  – Labour Party Conference  Our delegates from the Hexham Constituency Labour Party … Read More