Jamie Driscoll, North of Tyne Mayor on scrutiny

6 December, 2020Featured, Home page featured, Mayor

Are metro mayors properly scrutinised? That’s a question I was asked at last week’s Parliamentary Select Committee on devolution. Steve Rotheram, my counterpart in Liverpool City Region, says that we are the most scrutinised politicians anywhere. To get something done as Mayor, I have to persuade the 6 council leaders and deputies in my cabinet. … Read More

Jamie Driscoll’s weekly update

22 November, 2020Featured, Home page featured, Mayor, News

The new series of The Crown has started on Netflix, covering the 1980s – the Thatcher Years. Gillian Anderson’s performance is superb, portraying Mrs Thatcher’s views on Life, the Universe and Everything. People should help themselves, women are too emotional to be trusted, and people should stop waiting for the Nanny State (or anyone else) … Read More

The North of Tyne Mayor: THE NORTH WILL REMEMBER

3 November, 2020Featured, Home page featured, Mayor, News

Sunday November 1, 2020 On September 18th, the North East’s council leaders and I asked government for the powers to impose additional restrictions. We knew that cases were rising. We knew that government’s insistence on keeping universities open, with face-to-face teaching was a mistake. Government did nothing, so we did what we could. And it … Read More

The Mayor’s week-in-a-minute post is here

24 October, 2020ARCHIVE, Featured, Home page featured, Mayor

This week the Mayor talks about the combined action of northern mayors in gaining a much better financial support package than that which the government initially offered as we move into another tier of lockdown. the ‘net-zero’ transport plans. spades in the ground for new building – including social housing – this year and much … Read More

The Mayor’s latest weekly update w/c 4 October 2020

11 October, 2020ARCHIVE, Featured, Home page featured, Mayor, News

Our socialist mayor’s latest update on the week. Jamie has been busy – speaking up for the north of the Tyne businesses and workers, making the case for equality in the treatment between north and south during the government’s uneven pandemic response.  The latest restrictions will severely disadvantage the lower-paid and smaller businesses. See Jamie’s … Read More

North of Tyne Mayor: Boilers on prescription? makes sense

4 October, 2020ARCHIVE, Featured, Home page featured, Mayor, News

Boilers on prescription might not sound like an obvious link to radical devolution. But it’s a strategy that GPs working with housing provider Gentoo implemented in Sunderland in 2016. And it worked. The scheme allowed GPs to “prescribe” new, efficient boilers and home insulation to patients suffering respiratory conditions and living in damp, cold homes. … Read More