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May 19, 2020Featured, News

The latest figures on employment and pay, published today by the ONS, which include new experimental data on the number of paid employees shows a sharp decrease of 450,000 between March and April 2020, and a sharp fall in pay. Commenting on the report, TUC General Secretary, Frances O’Grady says: “These figures are alarming – … Read More

COVID-19: What went wrong? Tories health reforms have caused chaos

May 5, 2020Featured, News

The Thatcherite mantra that ‘there is no money’ is finished   The Lansley Re-organisation resulted in a fragmented public Health Medicine framework. Major disconnects between various units with no over-arching machinery to swing into action. A huge emphasis on “reducing waste” equating spare bed capacity and stock piling with waste, and paring to the bone … Read More

Labour Party report April 2020

April 18, 2020Featured, News

“Understandably people are shocked, dismayed, angry but let’s be determined, stay in the party and make sure this can never happen again.“ Comrades will be aware of the directive  from the General Secretary’s office this week, advising members not to discuss the actualities within the so-called ‘leaked’ Labour Party Report on Antisemitism, which was commissioned … Read More

Community help during the COVID-19 crisis is here:

March 26, 2020Featured, News

We’ll keep this up-to-date as we hear of new links Momentum volunteer/assistance map:   TUC Advice 30 March 2020 – Trade unionists might want to sign up for updates here, too: UK-wide Covid Mutual Aid website: Northumberland county council:   Ponteland community assistance: This is a ‘hub‘ for those wishing to volunteer to help during … Read More

Labour and Socialist history

March 24, 2020Featured, Labour History, News

4. The Socialist Organisations (Derek Gunby’s occasional Labour history series, continued.) updated: 11 May 2020 Click on links below, and download the files. Derek Gunby – The socialist organisations Part 2 The Social Democratic Federation Part 3 The Fabian Society Part 4 The Independent Labour Party By Hexham activist, Bill Haylock, 8 May 2020 John Clare … Read More

Jamie Driscoll, North of Tyne Mayor says ‘Government must support micro businesses and the self-employed’

March 23, 2020Featured, News

Last Monday a work experience student started shadowing me. He’d shown initiative and arranged the placement himself – it’s great to see kids engaging in civic life. It would have been interesting to see a fifteen-year-old’s view of the Combined Authority and the unfolding Covid-19 crisis. Unfortunately, within hours of him starting, he, like the … Read More